Moretti Music Recording/Production Camp

Here's our plan.

Aug 26th-Sept 4th. Thurs and Fri 6-8pm, Sat 3-5pm.

6 days of writing, collaborating, and recording.


Cost per student $300


We're looking for talent between the ages of 12 and 17


Audtions will be held on

July 31 3-5pm and

Aug 6 6-8pm 


Below are the more details.




Week 1:


Day 1: - Introduction to each other (Ice breakers). Jam through the song we use for auditions as introduction to playing with each other. Go around and each person plays the song idea that they came up with to the group, and the group will vote on their favorite idea to start off on and look for ideas that may match up well with each other and see how they can fit together. Come up with a rough structure, and everyone starts developing parts and writing together. (While this is happening I will be going through how to set up a session and prepro with the production students to make sure they know how we are going to set up and mic everything and set the inputs.


Day 2: - Everyone shares what they came up with for parts for the song, and we try to play through individual sections, and decide how long each part is going to be. Vocalists will be trying to hum melodies/writing lyrics to whatever they are feeling to the song. Producers will be using their ears to critically listen for what could be different (shorter or longer), as well as instrumentation for sections and how to make each section feel unique and interesting. By the end of this day instrumentalists should have the sections figured out and producers should have figured out how they are going to mic all the instruments and created an input list for how they are going to track the instruments.


Day 3: - At this point we should start doing a full run through of the song with all instruments and producers will have a finished input list and have done all the prepro necessary for the session, including markers, tempo, tracks, and inputs created and labeled. Producers at this point will also have learned protools short shortcuts and mic names and micing positions so that tracking will flow as fast as possible. We will record the band playing through with a click for the demo for the drummer to play to next week. (In between weeks each instrumentalist needs to practice their parts so they have them down cold for the recording sessions).


Week 2:


Day 1 – Drum tracking – At this point we will have the drummer track the part to the demo, and the producers will set up all the mics and get levels. We will do 3-4 full takes of the drums, then the musicians and producers will collaborate to comp together the final take that all the other instruments will play to.


Day 2 – Bass, Guitar, and Keyboard tracking – We will track all the other instruments today, starting with bass, then guitars and keyboards/synths. This day will be fast paced as everyone needs to track his or her parts, and we will start comping as much as possible. Everyone will collaborate on making these decisions and what takes are best to keep.


Day 3 – Vocal Tracking/Extra Layer Tracking – This will be the final tracking day, and will be main vocals and any other layering instruments. At this point all the instruments will be finished being edited so that the vocalist is singing over the final version, and at the end of this day we will have the final vocal takes edited as well. Everyone as a group will decide what extra layers could be added to fill out the song, and then it will be finished. The song will then be mixed and mastered by the production students by the following week, and everyone will vote on which mix is their favorite. Everyone will then receive the final WAV  file to listen to and share!

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