All paintings can be picked up at the Studio.                    Free shipping available.

Artistic expression is reflected in many different mediums.  Music, painting, poetry, dance, sculpture and whatever way that creation can be captured.  It is easy to see that many artistic elements are related.  The concepts, skills and methods are much more similar then not.  I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Thank you for your consideration. 


Seven Pairs #1651 11"x14"x1"

Acrylic on Canvas  $154

I really enjoyed painting these little pears.  They are so nice to look at.  These little pairs are ready to hang and would make a fine addition to your home.  They would be a good start for anyone interested in aquiring original art.

The Purple Horse  #1677
24"x24"2" Acrylic on Birch Panel
The more I see this painting to more I like it. Horses are an irresistable subject to paint. Leonard DiVince, Michaelangelo, George Stubb have all enjoyed this noble subject. 

You'll enjoy it too.

Ready to hang.

Hendrix #1680 24"x30" Oil on Canvas $720

Yes truely one of the most iconic of Rock Guitarists of all time.  There is always a sense of expectations when capable and charismatic musicians perform. And Hendrix was no exception. 

Captured here is his expressive flare for dramatic performance.

Ready to take home and hang.

Empty Chair #1666  12"x12" Oil on Wood Panel


In Jewish tradition the empty chair at Passover represents the expectation of the return of Elijah the forerunner of the Messiah.  The empty chair is also a powerful image of the loss of loved ones and those who are missing from our lives.  Of course this piece has great meaning to me.

Custom framing can be arranged.

Trombone Virtuoso #1694  18.5"x17.25"  Sumi Ink on Rice Paper, Framed. $470

This is a improvisational ink drawing inspired by my trombone friend Matt Neiss.  A very loose and direct approach these are lots of fun to do. This piece comes framed and ready to hang.


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